Dust Bunnies and Daily Fiber

After a good deal of internal debate, I have decided how to handle the abundance of historical information I am collecting on what is commonly known as fiber arts. Pithyhistory might occasionally see the fiber related post, but most of my random thoughts on the subject will find a home on my other blog Pithyponderings in the category of Dust Bunnies and Daily Fiber. This is not in any way intended to diminish the importance or value of the study of fiber arts or its history, but rather to acknowledge that for me fiber arts and fiber history is pursued with less scholarly vigor. I freely admit that I have a fascination for myths as well as facts when it comes to the study of fiber and the hands who have turned it into beautiful creations which often grace a bed rather than a wall.

So if you find yourself with a desire to read my random thoughts, or view any photos I am inspired to share, please visit me at Pithyponderings and look for the Dust Bunnies and Daily Fiber category. Soon I hope to have posted a few tidbits of interest.

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